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Jun 10

I need a video compilation of all his “heartbreak” goal celebrations. Get on that, internet!

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Mark McMorris getting booted into solar orbit above Oslo’s Vinterpark.
P: Danny Burrows
May 25


Mark McMorris getting booted into solar orbit above Oslo’s Vinterpark.

P: Danny Burrows

Jan 25

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The snarky continuation of Cosmo Hot Hockey Players Sex Tips (and yeah, 33royhappened managed to find a way to include Kessel & Hartnell in the most hilarious way possible. Damn, girl. I heart u almost as much as Toews hearts being srs).

Jan 9
Cosmo Hot Hockey Players Sex Tips Pt2

In response to this article from Cosmo (and omitting wideman, kessel and hartnell, because WTF are those three doing on a list of “hot” hockey players, gross). Special thanks to my partner in snark 33royhappened.

But wait, there’s more!
Jan 8
Cosmo Hot Hockey Players Sex Tips

Angel Pagan poking fun at Pablo’s heart!
Oct 27


Angel Pagan poking fun at Pablo’s heart!


i mean, look at these faces

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Oct 19
How isn’t everyone a Giants fan?
Sep 29


Ryan Gosling, on doing 50 shades of Grey [x]

Angry and frustrated with the multiple, inexcusable officiating debacles and the increasingly out-of-control games we’ve been forced to watch over the last 3 weeks? Disgusted by the fact that the sport of professional football is quickly becoming a pathetic farce instead of a fun game to watch & enjoy because of a refusal to compromise over $3million+pensions by a league that rakes in $9billion/yr?

The replacement refs don’t seem to be improving, quite the opposite actually; they are getting worse. It has become painfully obvious that many aren’t even familiar with basic rules such as: pass interference, possession, how to mark a 15 yard major penalty, and when it is/isn’t okay for a coach to challenge a play. As Peter King puts it,

The legitimacy of NFL games is at stake with officials who simply aren’t suited to work games of the intensity and importance of Atlanta-Denver last Monday or New England-Baltimore Sunday night.”

Things won’t change/get better if the NFL’s ratings/revenue remain unaffected. Express your frustration by tuning out - do NOT watch this week! Find something else to do on Sunday (as well as Thursday and Monday night) and for one week football fans can collectively express the loathing we feel towards the league for what has been a miserable start to the 2012-2013 season. Week4 #NFLBlackout #spreadtheword

Sep 26
#NFLBlackout #SpreadTheWord

"Ryan Lochte is becoming Derek Zoolander"

- love this swimming blog

Sep 24
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I absolutely love a woman who works out and take cares of her body. So sexy.

Sep 4


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